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David Amos - Heads up manufacturing clinic
David Amos
Heads up MRA Manufacturing
Contact David Amos or Helen Ahern:
Tel: (01453) 521621 or email
Manufacturing Norms

MRA have carried out an industry wide survey that has provided the basis for benchmarking. We call these benchmarks Manufacturing Norms. Knowing in fine detail what competitors are doing and how to be a step ahead of them is what generates the manufacturing elite. How do you measure up? Because there is overcapacity throughout the industry which means that only the fittest will survive.

  Best Practice Club

Ambitious companies progress the more they realise they have a lot to learn and are open to ideas from all available sources. To embrace and advance this demand MRA have established the Window Industry Best Practice Club. What we consider good today is seen as 'so-so' tomorrow. Best Practice Club provides members with the opportunities and materials to reach, and remain, at the cutting edge.

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Best Practice Club
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