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What is incontestable, is that a manufacturing elite is emerging.
David Amos - Heads up manufacturing clinic
David Amos
Heads up MRA Manufacturing
The very best companies sampled are always seeking ways to improve. They seek knowledge and want to add to their bank of expertise. They openly ask where and how they can improve and are anxious to take on board any expertise we at MRA have. This inevitably means there will be a widening of the gap between the best and the rest. What is most important to note is that these elite fabricators are not all big companies, nor are they doing it with the aid of significant investment in superior machinery. They are using their heads and working smarter, rather than using smarter machinery. The benefits of lean manufacturing have hardly been tapped into not only in the window industry but in many others. At MRA we have developed a series of Lean Manufacturing Programmes and courses . These programmes are designed to assist companies to commence the journey to leanness.
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Manufacturing Clinic

Within the site there is a free Manufacturing Clinic, sponsored by Status Systems, where fabricators can ask and get quick and meaningful answers and advice from David Amos.

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Manufacturing Clinic
Best Practice Club

Ambitious companies progress the more they realise they have a lot to learn and are open to ideas from all available sources. To embrace and advance this demand MRA have established the Window Industry Best Practice Club. What we consider good today is seen as 'so-so' tomorrow. Best Practice Club provides members with the opportunities and materials to reach, and remain, at the cutting edge.

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