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English House Condition Survey: Overview

The survey is run by the Research Analysis and Evaluation Division of ODPM to provide information on the changing condition and composition of the housing stock and the characteristics of the households living in different types of housing. The survey is a key tool used to measure the effectiveness of current policies and to underpin the monitoring of ODPM's Public Service Agreement measure of decent housing.

This site provides users with progress updates and results from the survey as well as background information about how the survey is run and what it covers. It also has links to other sites where you can obtain further information.

Up to and including 2001 the survey has been run every five years. However the EHCS moved to a continuous format from April 2002. This will enable progress towards the government's target relating to decent social housing to be monitored annually.

The 1996 EHCS

If you would like to know more about how the 1996 survey was run or look at some of the key findings go to the 1996 English House Condition Survey page.

The 2001 EHCS

This is the latest survey for which results are available. The main report, a regional report and a Key Facts summary were published in July 2003. If you would like to look at these reports as well as supporting tables and background to the survey go to the 2001 English House Condition Survey page.

The Continuous EHCS

From April 2002 the EHCS moved to a continuous format with fieldwork conducted throughout the year. Results will be available on an annual basis. To find out more about the new survey see the Continuous EHCS.

More information/any comments?

Research Analysis and Evaluation division keeps all users of the survey informed of progress with the survey through a regular series of Bulletins. The following are available:

If you would like any further information or to be added to the mailing list or would like to make any comments on the EHCS website material please contact the Research Analysis and Information Division.

Other Sources of Housing Information

The EHCS is just one of the many sources of information on housing that can be accessed on the ODPM website. Details of some of the key pages are given below:

The Survey of English Housing (SEH) and the EHCS are two complimentary housing surveys carried out by the ODPM. Together they provide many of the key statistics to inform housing policy in England. The SEH focuses largely on trends in tenure, housing aspirations, housing costs, satisfaction and tenure history. National house condition surveys: surveys of the nature and condition of the housing stock, similar to the EHCS, are also conducted in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. While there are some important differences in the way unfitness and disrepair are measured, together these surveys can be used to obtain a broad picture of housing conditions in the United Kingdom.

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