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All these are important for your business. Effective PR is one of the most powerful tools available to your business, and Michael Rigby Associates can help you achieve this and stand out from the crowd.

PR Plus

The battle for mind is central to a company's success. Successful brands win the battle for the mind, before they win the battle for market share. And a strong reputation opens doors and encourages prospects to listen and look without prejudice.

Being good is not enough. Even being the best won't work if it's kept a secret from potential customers. Most companies say their business is based on recommendations and referrals. But most do little to ensure it continues. Effective marketing and PR communications warm up your target market, making sure potential customers know the right things about you, and create the conditions for profitable growth.

Can PR do all that? PR is subject to the same laws of critical mass as any business discipline. Underweight and uninspired it achieves little.

But if people think well of a company, it makes it easier for that company to do what it wants. Corporate reputation is what people think about you. It's what makes consumers, employees, suppliers and shareholders choose and stay loyal to you, rather than your competitors. It's what allows you to justify a premium for your products or services, and buys you time and understanding from customers, employees and suppliers to put things right when they go badly wrong. Like human beings, companies and their reputations mature, wither and decay.

When reputations are made with difficulty and broken with ease, if companies do not manage their reputation others will do it for them. Your reputation is the lifeblood of your business. Don't leave it to chance. Whether you need help with articles, press releases, newsletters, direct mail, or help with directing your marketing effort we can help. Contact Mike Rigby or Lucia Di Stazio now.

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