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Going through the motions?

Companies that don't think twice about spending a fortune on the latest machinery or IT systems are so often reluctant to commit to marketing. They devote lots of time and money to financial, sales or production but when it comes to marketing, it is often seen as a 'nice to have' additional extra - the 'icing on the cake'. Many firms don't really understand marketing so they just do it because they think they should do it. They simply go through the motions, placing one off advertisements and single pieces of PR from time to time, looking for the golden bullet.

When advertising misses the point

When fabricators and installers don't fully subscribe to the powers of marketing most of their activity misses the point. The material is stale, consisting of clapped out formats with irrelevant images. It has empty or even ill fitting words and curious concepts. Some ads are instantly forgettable. Some PR is 3rd rate, 'homemade', puff or empty. Much goes unnoticed, become irrelevant or misses the point.

Dead mailing lists

Mailing lists used for direct mailing are riddled with dead or gone 'aways' and many are oblivious to the fact of the cost and waste of poor targeting. Who's likely to think well of such firms, let alone buy from them if they can't even spell your name right? I continue to get direct mail from a company who insists on writing to Mr Ovilgie - needless to say I would not even consider buying anything from them - you could end up in a 'luggage will end up in Brazil on a flight to Spain' scenario. Why take the risk if you don't have to?

A Slippery Slope

Companies are disappointed and even bewildered when the outcome of poor or irrelevant advertising and marketing is not what they'd hoped. Loss of momentum ensues and questions are asked about why products haven't sold. It's no use blaming the sales team. Regardless of how effective financial, operational, or technical systems are - with no underpinning from an effective marketing engine - sales will eventually decline.

Marketing does matter

One of the problems for marketing non-believers can be the difficulty in measuring the result of a marketing or advertising campaign in terms of value. Campaigns also take time to work and more often than not you can't expect instant results. In contrast, those who commit to marketing do it very well and constantly re-tune their engine. Marketing does matter and it does work. Any company who has successfully achieved what it set out to do in its marketing plan will agree; no marketing, no growth. Unless you are using marketing to achieve sales at the prices and margins you require, growth will not happen. So, marketing matters, but it needs meaning, tuning and must be kept alive. And those who really work at it, make it work.

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