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Winning is Good for You

It's official; winning is good for you. Recent research by Canadian scientists showed Oscar winners live four years longer than Hollywood stars who haven't won. According to Dr Donald Redelmeier of the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto, the sense of achievement from winning an Oscar can last a lifetime, and can actually alter the way the body copes with stress.

Separate research by Sir Michael Marmot, Professor of epidemiology and public health at University College London suggests that even a small promotion at work may help people live longer. It's long been known that wealth is key to a longer and healthier life, but Marmot's research, published last year in his book The Status Syndrome: How Social Standing Affects Our Health and Longevity, goes further. Our genes have a big say in our life chances and potential for a long life. But, apparently, the higher the status in the pecking order, the healthier people are likely to be. So, on average, your boss is likely to live longer than you.

But it's not just individuals that are affected by this rule of thumb. Teams of people can get into a cycle of success - success breeds success. It's not just about making more money - a team of winners get fuelled up to outperform the rest.

Last season Arsenal Football Club remained unbeaten in the league from August 2003 to May 2004.That's a record that's never been achieved before. It slipped a bit since then, but it's still just behind Chelsea at the top of the league at the moment.

The Financial Times recently hailed Tesco as being on 'an unstoppable march towards victory in the battle of the supermarkets'. In April Tesco announced profits of more than 2bn for last year - a record for a UK retailer. Its share price is up 26 per cent since March 2004. Winning and success isn't all mumbo-jumbo either. As a company gains power in the market place it can control issues rather than just react to them.

Network Veka is all about helping put together long-lived teams to outperform the competition. Next year, 2006, will be Network Veka's 10th year. After a difficult first two years when we had to translate our vision into practice, we've gone from strength to strength. Average installation values have risen every year since the Network began. That's not bad going when the domestic PVC-U replacement window market has been in decline. We had a vision of the way window companies should sell and market themselves. Now it's not just theory; it's best practice.

Uniquely, Network Veka is an independent company, a true partnership - run by its members for its members. And members have flourished. In difficult markets we all need something to help us win. Put simply, Network Veka is good for you.

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